Heal Thy Wealth®

With Canada’s top financial specialist

for doctors and dentists,

John Moakler, BMath, CFP, CLU, CSC

“You took care of me.

Now I will take care of you.”


Doctors and dentists saved John Moakler’s life. While fighting osteosarcoma—while undergoing a number of chemo treatments, surgeries, appointments and recovery—John had an epiphany. He realized how fortunate he was to have his finances in proper order. He thought: “How could someone possibly go through this while having to worry about money?”

Already a nationally-recognized, award-winning financial planner, John decided at that moment to work exclusively with doctors and dentists.

As he likes to say, “You took care of me. Now I will take care of you.”

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You take outstanding care of your patients. John wants you to take just as much care of your finances.

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Canada’s foremost financial specialist for doctors and dentists will customize a Financial Treatment Plan just for you.

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The bestselling Heal Thy Wealth – and its Financial Health Care for Doctors® – is just what the doctors ordered (for themselves)!